At A Framer's Touch, we consider Custom Picture Framing an art form, and not an assembly-line process. Every piece of artwork that comes into our studio is handled with the care it deserves and undergoes our 10-Step process outlined below.


1. We inspect the condition of the artwork with the client.







2. We'll talk with the client to understand how the artwork will be incorporated into its new environment.


3. Your designer takes the intimidation out of the design process by discussing the various design options with the client, and explaining its subtleties.










4. Once the client has selected the design option, we now begin constructing the design.

All frame materials are cut in-house by A Framer's Touch staff.










5. During the construction phase, the artwork is safely protected in its own portfolio and housed in a secure designated artwork area.










6. When all the different frame components have been constructed, the assembly phase begins. The project is assembled in yet another area specifically designated for assembly work.









7. The completed project is not yet ready for the client until it has passed our White Glove Inspection Phase.











8. After passing the White Glove Inspection Phase, each custom framed artwork is wrapped in a protected sleeve.











9. When the client picks up his or her custom framed artwork, our staff will unwrap the completed project for the client to inspect.



10. Clients receive a followup thank-you card from us in a few days after pick-up to make sure that the framed artwork is happily displayed in its new environment and that there are no further questions.