Doherty Ford Remodel

At A Framer's Touch, we work closely with many types of corporate and business clients to find the right kind of framing to fit their needs and work space. Below follows a series of before/after photos taken in Doherty Ford in Cornelius, as we helped the business with the finishing touches on their 2016 showroom grand remodel.

We had a great time working with Michael Doherty to find the perfect way of framing all the photographs and memorabilia for the Ford building. We tied in the colors and styles to match the new contemporary look of the building. We also teamed up with local photographer Lori from Alleyway Photography to add some more artistic images to the various spaces. Everything was hung and looking fabulous in time for the Grand Opening reception! We're happy to have been able to play a part in Doherty Ford's continuing history in the community.