Care of your art is very important for its longevity. There are many things to consider when properly caring for your artwork. A few helpful tips are listed below.

• HANDLING. One of the most common hazards to art is the careless handling of it. Always have clean, dry, and lotion-free hands when handling artwork. Lifting artwork with both hands will help prevent bent corners, creases or even tears in the art. When storing your art, the storage material should be of a sufficient stiffness to provide adequate support for the item being stored and should be pH neutral or buffered. Storing artwork by rolling it or in cardboard tubes for a prolonged period of time will damage the artwork by altering its natural form. A special procedure is required to flatten it to its natural form once again.


• External Environment. Avoid placing artwork over fireplaces or next to heating or cooling vents, in direct sunlight or in a bathroom. Over a prolonged period of time, ambient heat, ultra violet rays, and frequent fluctuations in temperature and humidity will most definitely damage your artwork.


• Internal Environment. Make sure that your valuable and sentimental artwork is properly framed by a skilled picture framer using preservation framing techniques if you want the artwork to stand the test of time. Preservation Framing designates the use of materials and procedures that do not alter the condition of the artwork, and helps protect the artwork from anticipated hazards. Preservation Framing is completely reversible, and does not use invasive treatments. If these techniques are not applied, your artwork devalues immediately.